Flora by Ablena Petrova, Ablena Petrova Sweet Studio, Bulgaria

I always gathered inspiration from nature and had this fascination with flowers. Before starting on the work, I did a little bit of soul searching – What do flowers mean to us? To me, they define happiness, freedom, love and all the nice and comfy emotions that grace us while we course through this voyage of life. This essence is what I tried to incorporate into my collaboration piece which I named 'Flora'

Sweet Floral Bliss by Aixa Zunino, Dolce Sentire, Spain

Sweet Floral Bliss is a cookie necklace, which reminds one of beautiful vintage and old-fashioned jewellery. The piece is entirely made in cookie dough, decorated with royal icing piped flowers and hand-painted. Inspiration for this lovely design came from the amazing hand embroidered peter pan collars of Oksana Ivanik and the gorgeous illustrations of Annie Stegg.

Anubis by Alyaa Sharshar, Cake Artist, Egypt

The Ancient Egyptian Civilization is considered the strongest civilization in art and sculpting. Like many Ancient Egyptian deities, Anubis assumed different roles in various contexts. Anubis is a God of death, mummification, embalming and the afterlife to the Ancient Egyptians. One of his prominent roles was that of a god who ushered souls into the afterlife. I am fascinated by the culture and the various artefacts that came out of the ancient civilization and decided to craft one of the more recognisable Egyptian gods for the Collaboration.

Raven Queen by Ana Remígio, Cupcakes & Dreams, Portugal

This creation is inspired by The Raven Queen, one of the most enigmatic figures in Dungeons & Dragons. The Raven Queen is a mysterious force that does not directly represent chaos nor law, good nor evil but has a powerful influence over the cosmos. Overwhelmed, that's how I felt when I started the process with some simple black feathers that were then combined with black sugar roses and a bit of edible lace; the result is this amazing combination! Though the Raven Queen is the reflection of my passion, I was not prepared to see how boldly phenomenal the result was!

Pesca en Colombia by Angel Torres, Tortas Retortas, Colombia

This work is a tribute to sport fishing, to the fishing scene in Colombia and to my friends and fellow fishermen. Made entirely in fondant, one can see some of the fish genus representative of the Amazon basin such as Pavón, Cajaro, Yamu, Payara and Picuda within the complex structure. The best known fish in the region is Pavón (Tucunare or Peacock Bass). Many fishermen come from all over the world to catch it. I wanted to compliment this art work with the clothes that I normally use while fishing. This work brings double satisfaction to me as this embodies passion for sport fishing in my favourite sugar medium and at the same time shows off my immense pride at being a part of the community.

Angel's Violet by Angelika Chwyc, Angel’s Sugar Art, Poland

The figurines I create are born out of my inspirations. This sugar-chocolate stylization refers to a dancer from the Rio carnival, similar to the headgear on a figurine presented at Cake International in 2019 at Birmingham. I used wafer paper to make the feathers and clothing. Earrings and rosettes on the neckline were made with my beloved technique of combining coloured masses into rolls, cutting them into slices and putting them together in different ways. The upper part of the earrings and bracelets are inspired by kaleidoscope. Everything is made with sugar paste and chocolate.

The Fantasy Dragon Mask by Angelique van Veenendaal, Cake Garden,  Netherlands

Everybody wants to get out of reality sometimes, put a mask on or off and create their own reality. A dragon is a mythical creature known for breathing fire and this in turn is associated with expressing one's feelings and emotions. The original starting point for the fantasy mask was a Venetian mask. Later on in the process I decided to use a dragon as a basic idea, started with the horns and created a dragon like skin. The difficulty was to create a mask that wasn't very heavy so that the mask would stand up. I love the way the mask turned out!

I am a Phoenix by Anna Austin, Cake Canvas- happiness in a box, India

Within each woman is a bird waiting to fly into the blue skies of a world of her own imagination. Fun thing about collaborations – you are limited only by the wings of your imagination. My creation - ‘The Phoenix’ is a multi-feathered bird that completes itself by merging into the artist. Together we are a force to reckon with, an amalgamation of ethereal and the very real. I lost count of the number of handmade feathers colour coordinated to resemble a shift from the biting cold of blue to the bright yellow of a raging fire. For the artist in me, this is a new experience – to be a part of a creation of my own and I loved every minute of the process.

Evening Chorus by Anna Taylor Dillon, Dillon's Cakes, UK

From the start, I was settled on the notion of an out of the world fascinator, designed to slightly wrap around the head, entwine the wearer and create a unique look. Gelatine was used to fashion delicate see through petals in lilac and black to create a gentle colour scheme with a modern twist that slightly catches the light and enhances the head wear and its creator.

Flora by Arati Mirji, India

This getup is my vision of Flora- The Roman Flower Goddess as I imagine her to be. The Crown incorporates various techniques to make up a cluster of flowers / foliage and the hero of my whole getup is the Epiphyllum Oxypetalum- Brahma Kamal Flower which has a heady fragrance but is quite elusive as it blooms only for a few hours in the middle of the night - and that too only once a year! An ensemble that would light up the ethereal eyes of a Goddess.

Monarch Butterfly Crown by Ashley Barbey, USA

Boho and ethereal, the fleeting beauty of butterflies are a constant inspiration to artists young and old. I was inspired by the butterfly headpieces and headbands that are used for weddings and boho photography shoots. I love the simplicity of the design and the illusion of flying butterflies. The butterflies are made with gumpaste and are individually hand painted.

Majestic Peacock by Bennett Flor-Perez, Fleurs Cakes, UAE

My head-piece crown is a Majestic peacock, a bird which is as inspiring as it is poised. I wanted to reassure all of us that the current pandemic is temporary and that we have the will and ability to re-grow and rejuvenate ourselves. ‘Majestic Peacock’ is a crown fashioned out of wafer paper, modelling paste and isomalt assembled to create a wearable edible piece of art. Over 100 pieces of feathers are manually cut in wafer paper, conditioned, airbrushed and embellished with isomalt gems to mimic the majestic plumage.

Ice Cream by Carolin Moldaschel, Carolinchens Zuckerwelt, Germany

The little things in life make me happy and that goes especially true for sweets. If you ask me what summer tastes like, I would scream 'Ice cream' without hesitation. A love for the icy sweet treat that started from when I was very young made me choose this delicious icy cool dessert as the art work I wanted perched on my head for the Sweethearts of the World Collaboration.

Romanian by Catalina Anghel, Catalina Anghel Azúcar´arte, Spain

My piece is a crown made of big red poppies, white wild daisies and blue cornflowers, all together bringing back sweet memories of happy and colourful childhood summers. I wanted to evoke my birth place and family history with this piece, so I used as inspiration the vast green Romanian fields, covered with red Poppy spots, white wild Daisies and blue Cornflowers.

Towards a Calmer Sea by Corinna Maguire, Lovin' from the Oven, Ireland 

I live by the sea and love everything about it – well, everything apart from Jellyfish. They terrify me! But swimming, surfing the waves, kayaking and seeing the porpoises playing in the clear blue inspire awe in my heart. Watching the wild storms in the winter is an amazing experience and I wanted to portray it all in this piece I call ‘Towards a Calmer Sea’. I had so much fun creating this piece because all the elements I love about nature come together into this head piece.

Pretty in Pink by Cristina Arévalo, The Art Cake Experience, Portugal

Pretty in Pink is inspired by the elegant fascinators used for weddings and horse races by ladies. I wanted to go over the top and make it tall and big in its proportions. It is not much in our tradition to use this kind of headpiece; but I just love how elegant it is and how with the times the arty fascinator has become more and more creative and a reflection of the wearer’s personality. I love pink and thought this piece would be fun, pretty, and adorable to wear. This headpiece is made from edible materials: wafer paper flowers, rice paper sails, gelatin leaves and flower petals.

Magical Forest by Cristina Sbuelz, Spain

This collaboration brought forward all the joys of experiencing a full coloured Autumn and the beautiful life-giving forests. What better inspiration can encapsulate art than nature itself? Autumn is my favourite time of the year and forests are where I like to recharge my energy. The art work titled 'Magical Forest' is a collection of some of the endearing flora of the forest during the season. The mere sight of this piece brings forth memories of blissful adventures spent in some of the most amazing forests in the world.

The Dragons Fight by Daniel Casero Pérez, Spain

'Yin And yang' is the best form to define my feelings when I face my art work. Yin and yang, two opposing elements that achieve balance. Nothing better to represent it than these two dragons who are so opposed in their appearance which reflect the conflicts we all carry inside. The dragons are lit from inside to give off that special flavour to the final creation. Here I am, caught between two minds deciding which dragon to give in to.

Monarch Fairy by Daniel Diéguez, Daniel Diéguez Cake Artist, Spain

I have to admit, I have a thing for mystical characters. For this collaboration inspired by the Monarch butterfly, I tried to turn myself into one who is in perfect harmony with nature with colourful fairy wings, mushroom crown and an all seeing third eye. It wasn't easy but I did my best to integrate all of it as I would do with makeup albeit with edible art.

The Birds by Daniela Dyulgerova, Magical Sugar Boutique, Bulgaria

I love birds. For me they are freedom, flight of the spirit, colours and music. They stand for everything that a person strives to achieve in a lifetime. That's why I decided to bring in all that I have admired about birds over the years into this creation. This is an incredible theme and idea enabling decorators to reach their full potential and challenge themselves as artists and personalities.

Fire and Ice by Deepa Gaikwad Karande, D's Sweet Creations, USA

Fire and Ice shows the similar and opposite energies of fire and ice as a representation of Yin & Yang. The principle of Yin and Yang is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites. Yin is the feminine energy of Ice or Water (transformation) represented by the cool blue fish. Yang is the masculine energy of fire (creativity) represented by the blazing orange fish.

The Emerald Queen by Edna & Vanik, Enamorcake, Armenia / Iran

The Emerald Queen is the result of emotions and thoughts of Edna and Vanik who founded Enamorcake, Iran. The colour of the work was inspired by the emerald stone, which is a glorious manifestation of intense love. This art work is made of 60 exquisite decorative pieces which are all edible. The surface of the work is decorated by edible handmade sugar lace. Don't forget to check out the Queen's magnificent emerald ring which wafts gold to enchant her subjects.

Resilience by Elena Pelizzoli, il mondo di ielle. Italy

'Resilience: one side of me'. I wanted to show off a side of myself through art, one of the best mediums to shout out to the world about self and the hidden nuances of oneself. My piece is made up of a wearable structure covered with sugar paste and completely hand painted. The artwork is designed and made in such a way that, if placed on a black background, it creates the illusion that the bubbles are floating.

Atlacatl by Enrique Rojas, HAVE+SOME+CAKE, UK

My creation takes inspiration from Philip Treacy's wonderful but out of the world creations. Looking at the piece, one might wonder - is it a hat or is it a crown? What in the world! The Idea also takes inspiration from the TV series LOKI and the diverse Helmets/Hats used by Loki. Combining both ideas, I wanted to make something akin to Treacy creations by letting go of all conventions or functionality and creating something altogether new. The piece is made of wafer paper painted in shades of gold and copper. As I did not want structural supports anywhere, I wanted it to be light as a feather and sit on my head comfortably. In case the quirkiness was deemed less, I added a continuous wire loop that falls down creating a non-existent Visor frame.

Inside the Garden by Eser Iden, Deviant Sugar Art, Turkey

There is an evergreen garden that lives in my mind. It's full of immortal fairies, butterflies and flowers that never fade. By making a crown, I wanted to turn it into a piece of jewellery that I could touch and wear. Light and durable edible materials were used to ensure longevity of the work. The flowers were fashioned out of wafer paper and rice paper was used for the butterflies. Treated them with airbrush and hand painted details. The fairy wings were made using gelatine and edible lace dough, which I coloured with gel food colour.

Circle of Life by Eva Klinc, Sugar Queen Academy, Slovenia

We are born into a great circle of life; we live through the short journey we call life and draw to a stop at death. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses, don't forget to be kind, to love, to grow and follow your dreams. Be the hero of your life and leave this planet better than you found it. I have tried to incorporate this concept into a wearable-edible art which depicts different stages of a human life and how we can influence the world with our actions.

Princess Snail Collar by Filomena Tavano, DolceFlo, Italy

It was particularly exciting to be able to wear one of my creations. My cookies are usually 3D paintings. In the past, as a decorator, I have worked on jewellery with other non-edible materials. This time, the idea of ​​being able to eat my necklace actually amused me. The necklace is made with gingerbread cookies decorated with royal icing. Different techniques from pressure piping to hand painting were used. A mother of pearl effect was created for the central medallion and the pearls that decorate the rest of the necklace.

Elementales by Franko Muñoz Vega, Figuritas Creattack, Chile

My work connects me with nature and mythological beings from my childhood. I would like to give two messages. About how important it is to take care of the world's green lungs and to believe in ourselves and to create without limits. Featuring myself as nature here, with lush green forests which would squeeze the life force out if man continues his rapid decimation of forests.

Mini Vertilinie by Galina Garova - Mihaylova, Bulgaria

My piece is a Victorian Steampunk hat that has bits and pieces from a workshop. With bolts, wheels and gears twisting all around it. There is a dragon wing on one side and a keyhole on the other. The top of the cylinder hides a key. It has been a great honour to work side by side with so many talented artists from all over the world. Steampunk is a passion of mine and to be able to embed it in this collaboration was a satisfying experience.

My Thoughts Took Flight! by Heather Sherman, Art2Eat Cakes, USA

The fluttering rainbows that live in my head have escaped and leapt forward as one, in a flurry of rainbow wings, pushing hooves, eager noses and fluffy curls. Now freed, they surge up and out, caught in the precise moment of motion. Each one has a name, and if you are lucky, one might fly down to perch on your ear and tell you its name. This colorful fantasy is a sweet reminder that the art we make is ephemeral and beautiful, just like us. I really enjoyed this project, and am inspired in whole new directions because of my involvement.

Underworld by Hristina (Ina) Dandarova, Bulgaria

In some tales of the Welsh myth cycle Mabinogion, the raven is a harbinger of death. Witches and sorcerers were believed to have the ability to transform themselves into ravens and fly away, thus enabling them to evade capture. The feather crown is crafted out of wafer paper and the mask is made using a combination of modelling chocolate and fondant painted on with edible colours.

The Dragon Engineer by Jacqui Kelly, Jacqui Kelly Edible Art, UK

‘These are a few of my favourite things’ ... as soon as the concept for the collaboration was explained, my head was filled with so many ideas and directions until I thought - hold on, this isn't for a client, this is me! And in comes dragons, metallics and steampunk with a dash of fun. I built a basic helmet structure and added horns, then coated it all in chocolate paste. Started with texturing with a mix of scales and sheet metal before I went to town with my cogs, clocks, compasses and all the items that I love. The finishing touches were airbrushing, hand painting and dusting in all the glorious metallics that are available.

Pagan Spirit by Jane Lashbrook, Fabulously Fondant, UK

Boo.. The human mind is filled with the dread of the unknown. We fear what we don't understand. Even the macabre has a shiny side and beauty can be found in even the darkest of tales. Flip the myth and you'll catch a glimpse of wonders hidden. I wanted to bring in the other side of the dark void into the light. Pagan spirits that wallow in misery through eons of misrepresentation.

Sahara Crush by Jennifer Reese, Good Gosh Ganache LLC, USA

I am thrilled to be part of this fun, youthful and trendy collaboration. The crushed velvet top hat was made with navy fondant and textured with a wafer paper velvet technique. The fish net hat band was created using flex frost and sugar lace technique. The flowers are all hand made with gum paste and the centre statement flower was detailed with poppy paints to give it a trendy leopard print design.

Under the Sea and Over My Head by Karen Marie Portaleo, Karen Portaleo Cake Artist, USA

I am fascinated by the incredibly flamboyant headpieces of the Vegas / Burlesque / Ziegfield shows, and so with this piece I finally got to have one of my very own! Ocean themes are prevalent in my work, as I grew up on the beach and in the water in Florida and the Bahamas. I had so much fun combining these two themes, incorporating my favourite sea creatures with the stylized, glitzy, over the top showgirl headpieces I adore. I wish I could keep it forever, but alas, cake and sugar work are temporary by nature, so I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to make this previously secret dream come true, and to have a photograph to keep forever!

On the High Seas by Khamphet Che-Bui, Sweet Side of Cakes, Switzerland

I always wanted to make a sailing ship. As I watched a cartoon with my little daughter the other day, she said "Mom, how cool it would be to have a ship headband!" She said that because she loves headbands and has over 30 pieces in different shapes and colours. At first I said to myself "Nay, impossible!" After my first and second plans didn't work, I went for this idea. The waves define my emotion whilst working on this piece - determined, strong and resilient....

Royal Stag by Lewis-Anderson Michael Charles, Belgium

This creation is a winter wonderland of magical energy. It is an awareness of climate change seen through the struggles of a Royal stag and how the heavens weep blue blood seeing it. The ensemble is made entirely from flower paste mounted onto chicken mesh and metal structure. Modelling, moulding and flower work techniques were used to make the show piece.

Into the Starry Night by Linda Biancardi, Una Torta per Te, Italy

This piece is a tribute to Van Gogh's masterpiece. Every artist in different fields feel the vibes of fleeting imagination while creating their pieces. These vibes permeate an artist's head and soul. This headgear was inspired by Van Gogh's famous work ‘Starry Night’. I dreamt of exploring deep into that same sky adorned with stars on a summer night, silhouette of a big cypress tree swaying gently in a gentle breeze and the moon shining bright to light up the scenery. This art work was modelled at low relief with modelling paste making up the figures. The lovely work and part of my skin were painted on with edible powder colours diluted in cocoa butter.

Couronne en Fleurs by Linda Knop, Sugar Cakes, South Africa

‘Crown in Bloom’ is a golden crown with teal fondant pearls embellished with handmade colourful flowers all around. A message through flowers in abundance, a whisper of everlasting growth. A feeling of happiness, growth, colour and a blissful future.

My Mothers Haku Lei by Liz Marek, Sugar Geek Show, USA

This work is very personal to me. My mother is from Hawaii and a lot of my family still live there. Sadly, my mother passed when I was 19 and I did not get to learn much about her heritage until I was well into my 30's. Haku Lei are traditional flower crowns which are generally made with Ti leaves, local flowers, plants and berries. I decided to make two kinds of Ti leaves, moth orchids, plumeria and blackberries. This Haku Lei is a tribute to my mother and our Asian Pacific Islander Heritage. I hope you enjoy it.

Dulce Fantasia by María & Gabriel, Mactortas, Argentina

Dulce Fantasia means Sweet Fantasy. Working on this edible headgear was challenging but a lot of fun. A true depiction of real teamwork, this piece contains a base structure, made with a wide plastic headband and metal support for the horns, which are formed with rice crispy dough lined with strips of textured chocolate fondant. As an accessory, jewels were created in gum paste. The design was completely done by hand without moulds. On the head the ornament consists of white rose petals, wired feathers and 2 large flowers, made of moulded rice paper. It is accompanied by wired branches and lined with gumpaste. Small gumpaste flowers complement the design.

Tote Treasures by Marta Torres, The Cookie Lab, Portugal

This is a tribute to all my friends in Asia, those I had the pleasure to interact with during my 15 years there. For my cookie clutch, I chose carps and golden fish, considered very auspicious symbols. There are indeed myths surrounding them, such as power, intelligence, wealth, success and gateway to the eternal life. On this ‘Clutch’ I hope to keep inside all the values and treasures I have gained from all of them. The cookie clutch was decorated using my own dimensional piping techniques with coloured royal icing. It has a few accents of painting on the fish and rice paper was used for the golden fish tail.

Hair and Roses by Mary Presicci, Mary Presicci Sugar Art, Italy

I am delighted to be part of this unique collaboration that has given me the opportunity to create something nice and special. With this creation I want to show my feminine side with the wares of my art. The pristine white bunch of wafer paper roses make up the fascinator which adorn my head.

A Ray of Sunshine by Megha Kwatra Madan, Studio Cake O’Luv, India

We all need a little bit of sunshine, a little bit of hope in our lives. My collab work represents exactly that - HOPE. A hope in dark times to look forward to brighter days ahead. This headgear is a transition of darker days into the brighter ones as you go from one side to the other. Darkness is represented by dried and torn twigs whereas the bright, sunny and beautiful flowers and greens represent days with hope and happiness. I want to spread the message ‘Be bright, positive, shine and hold your head high today and always’ through this creation.

Wolf Mask by Milene Habib, Sweet Mi by Milene Habib, Portugal

This piece is a tribute to that elegant wild spirit, the Wolf. The modelling chocolate mask is painted on with airbrush and dust colours. I created an aluminium structure based on my head measurements and built the mask over it, that way I could play around with the mask and it would still be completely edible.

Nature Witch Hat by Nathalie Quiquempois, Natasel, France

Freedom to express is a gift to all artists. From the cave painter who boasted of besting one too many sabertooth to the modern surrealists, we take pride of catching our free-flowing thoughts and creating fantastic characters right out of thin air. Witches always took my fancy and I always perceived them not as evil beings; but as healers. Turning a millennia old notion around, I am wearing a witch's hat imitating the bark of wood, leaves, branches and flowers, a delicate little elf perched elegantly on the ledge.

Octopus Hat by Nenad Michich, Nenad Michich Art, Bulgaria

The Octopus is a fascinating creature. More so because of the challenge of making an edible art based on the eight limbed wonder. To add more intrigue into the whole pot this is an extravagant hat design with a brilliantly coloured specimen wrapped around the head of its creator. I made this work for those who love the sea and its beautiful inhabitants. Because we share a love for all things in nature and the beauty of darker shades.

The Crown of the Goddess Flora by Nesrin Gürses Dinç, Turkey

Flora is the goddess of flowers and spring in Roman mythology. The management of every flowering plant is in her hands. There was quite a bit of research that went behind this flower crown and necklace. The flowers were made with rice paste. This is how I envision the beautiful goddess to be bedecked – in fabulous flowers.

Saurons Helm by Paul Williams, Happy Occasions Cakes Ltd, UK

Saurons Helm from Lord of The Rings, I have a small replica which was gifted to me a while ago and always wanted to recreate it in sugar. I have made the Witch Kings helmet in the past and had to make Saurons Helm for this collaboration. Loved Tolkien since I was a child and read The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings when I was young. Blown away by the films and to get a chance to create Saurons Helm was an opportunity I could not resist.

Goldilicious by Rafaela Carrasco, La Tartería de Rafi, Spain

Is inspired by a design from the Atelier fraise au Loup. This workshop is dedicated to the design of fashion and accessories. I am fascinated by his elaborate and detailed creations. The name I have chosen for my piece is ‘Goldilicious’ referring to gold, but also to the fact that it is an edible piece. It is as elegant as elegant could be.

Sugar Floral Attire by Reema Siraj, Reema Siraj Studio, UAE

A fabulous combination of a head dress, sash and a bracelet made using sugar flowers. All pieces are made to match and give the experience of a seamless attire. Being a camera-shy person who normally likes working behind the scenes; this has opened a completely different side of me. Wearing these sugar flowers has really brought my work close to my heart since I'm literally holding it to my heart. Since my attire (abaya) is black I worked on bright colours. I'm so proud of what I've been able to create to celebrate myself both as a person and as an artist.

Beneficent by Rodica Bunea, Academia De Arta Dulce, Romania

My creation was inspired by one of the most well-known stories - Maleficent. I was always attracted to create fantasy inspired sugar pieces of beautiful fairies and creepy fictional characters. It took me a while to decide between a huge number of choices ranging from elves, witches, enchanted forests. My ascendent is Taurus and the creative part of my mind conjured up beautiful ideas that combines the powerful character and my star. I can truly say that the subject of this collaboration is an original one. The creator and its creation...brilliant and beautiful!!

Autumn Cat Hat by Sachiko Windbiel, Mimicafe Union, USA

This piece is a tribute to my beloved ‘Mimi’ who passed away years ago. The whole process of making this hat, from inspiration to fabrication has led to it becoming a favourite among all my pieces! It was really hard when I learned of Mimi's passing from my parents; I had moved to the U.S. and I was unable to bring her with me and the whole situation has weighed very heavily on me all these years. But now, thanks to this Autumn Cat Hat, as well as the fact that I recently became a devoted and dedicated Cat Mommy to two adorable kitties, I feel that ‘Mimi’ is smiling down on me and my world from this hat !

Un Cupcake, l'Octopus! by Sébastien Haramendy, Un Cupcake, l'Addition, France

When I started thinking about my sugar creation, only a few things were clear to me: it had to represent me and my work, it had to be 100% original and it had to have cupcakes in it!! So I started to list what was specific about my brand: a very cartoony style and a vibrant colour palette. I then drew an octopus and incorporated the 3 cupcakes of my logo. I showed the drawing to a friend who said "an octopus? A-GAIN?". Octopuses and squids are my favourite characters to model, so I created a chest piece which was a tough one to bring to life, as if the collaboration wasn't challenging enough!!!

El dulce Pierrot by Silvia De Diego, Secretos Verde Violeta, Spain

The image of the Clown Pierrot immortalized by Deburau has been a character that touched my heart in a special way, the sad clown and his unrequited love for the moon wallowing in his silent melancholy. This charismatic character represented the glamour of Parisian art in the education and later works of my father, his great love for this culture which was transferred to me at a very young age. This work is made with wafer paper and smart lacer in clothing and lace. Arms, hands and head are made of fondant. All of it is made up of a hat inspired by the fashion developed in the 50s, by actresses like the beautiful Audrey Hepburn.

'And if one day ......’ by Silvia Mancini, Silvia Mancini Cake art & Co, Italy

I often talk to my creations while I'm working on them and pretend they can understand me. I hope they are happy with my work because if they don't, I'm afraid that they may turn me into a manga sugar doll too! My manga face was made using only modelling sugar paste. I'm deeply grateful to be part of such an original international collaboration. Usually, the artist is always behind the scenes and the cakes are the real protagonists. This is the perfect occasion to introduce us with our creations, together as one.

Flight of The Colours by Silviya Jankowski, Bicky Piccy, UK

Sometimes, thoughts and moods have colours and shapes. Especially to an artist, colours take special life, wafting our imagination up in the air in myriad hues and shades. Butterflies are a symbol of fleeting beauty, like the magnificent thoughts and moods that come to all of us and bring on waves of childish delight. The Flight of the Colours is made out of sugarpaste butterflies and flowers which are hand painted with gel colours.

Queen Bee by Sophia Fox, Sophia Fox Cake Art Studio, Portugal

As the sole bee in her caste, the queen is an illustrious member of the beehive. She is not only unique among her colony's population; she is also vital to maintaining that population. My work is inspired by the Queen in my transformation. For the construction of my work, I have used sugar paste, wafer paper, florist wires, artgel and edible paintings. My work represents the independent working woman that I am, combining my artistic and free soul sides.

Etherea by Sumaiya Omar, The Cake Duchess, South Africa

She is the queen of her world, righteous, strong and powerful, yet kind, gentle and feminine. Resilient and authentic, she rejoices in her strengths and weaknesses. I wanted to portray my awe for Etherea and my love for flowers. Flowers are imperfectly perfect; they bloom together and never compete. I also love texture and layering textures to create a feel of emotion. The emotion I feel from this work is feminism. This is a glimpse of my life; from where I started the journey to understand who I really am and to whichever shores God guides me.

Thinking of Ukraine by Susha Holubytska, Bakesushabake, USA

Guess I kind of went to my roots here, reminiscing a bit. These beautiful flower crowns are a big part of traditional Ukrainian culture worn by girls/women on festive occasions. The base of the arrangement is made with wires wrapped in wafer paper. All flowers are made with wafer paper. Beads are made with chocolate and fondant.

Horns by Svetla Ivanova, Cake Design Sisi Ivanova, Spain

My inspiration for the collaboration is horned animal skulls. Every time I do a modelling, I get very excited, but this collaboration is so different from the others with its theme. So I had adrenaline through the roof while making my piece. Since the creator also is a part of the final piece, a novel concept in itself, I took a deviation from the road of normal thinking and ended up looking at myself through a mirror of alternate reality. Combining embellishments to the skull makes it look more like a wearable sculpture.

Complete Headcase by Tanya Ross, Novel-T Cakes, Ireland

Too many ideas to choose from and it was driving me up the wall trying to come up with the perfect idea. I was talking to my kids about some of the ideas and they told me I was a bit of a ‘headcase’ and that struck a chord somewhere in the creative attic of my brain. So, I gave in to their fun idea and made a headcase. It's not too often that we get to let our imaginations run wild and make something we would never otherwise get to make! This was a lovely idea for a collaboration, and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it.

Golden Beauty by Tanya Shengarova, Sugar Cake, Bulgaria

We are constantly moved on to the next plane by the emotions we experience. But with the advent of materialism, real feelings are suppressed while what we perceive as a natural emotion may just be a reflection of our desire for possessions like gold or money and the unrelenting pursuit of power and fame. With my art I want to show that these false feelings are devoid of soul – like a richly decorated face that lacks humanity.

Jewelled Scarab by Timbo Sullivan, Cakes by Timbo, USA

Oddly enough, I am NOT a huge fan of bugs at all! I do however find the kaleidoscopic beauty in them and appreciate these hardworking fighters of nature for what they do (which is a lot, if you look it up). So I wanted to use them as an inspiration while making my jewellery pieces and decided to turn them into antique-style brooches.

Spring Steampunk by Verusca Walker, Verusca Walker Cakes, Australia

This work is inspired by a Bec Winnel pencil and pastel printed art. I have a great connection with this design, as I have my own collection of hat cakes. The inspiration behind this collaboration piece has been pinned on my wall for years now, and it was always my dream to one day bring it into a sugar reality.

Hime Sama - The Princess by Vicky Chang, Ona.Rina Icing, Taiwan

I am Asian and really love the Japanese culture. Paper cranes, fans and masks are several important Japanese elements and I love incorporating them into my artwork. Featured here in my submission for this prestigious collaboration is the delicate Manjusaka (stone garlic), a beautiful flower that reflects the legend of unrequited love. The flowers, intermingled with other themes synonymous with Asian culture became the base elements on my work.

Peacocks by Yeşim Ağır, Yeşim Ağır Sugarart, Turkey

I am deeply honoured to be a part of this collaboration. Deciding on a theme for my artwork was easy, I love the grace of peacocks and am always amazed at the desirous amalgamation of colours of the bird. Wanted to make a simple statement which would not look out of place even if I wear it outside. The hand painted rice dough feathers are adorned with candy diamond cluster.

Feathers by Zee Chik, Zee Chik Designs, UK

I chose wafer paper as the main material for this creation in an effort to emulate the soft movements and perfect dynamics of feathers. The rose is considered a symbol of balance and it brings in a sweet symmetry to the work. The beauty of this flower conveys promise, hope and new beginnings. The centre piece is a Bird skull, interesting in its appearance because of the beak. It symbolizes death, freedom of the soul and the freedom that comes from accepting fate. The hand drawn roses on the bird skull bring the feeling of romance within life and death.

Ice Cream Cap by Zoe Hopkinson, Zoes Fancy Cakes, UK

What started as a gingerbread biscuit baseball cap, quickly turned into what looks more like a horse-riding helmet. I wanted to create something that I might actually wear in real life. Perhaps the only time I wear a cap is when I go on holidays to Disneyland. So I thought of a design incorporating all the things that I love into a fun novelty baseball cap. This Gingerbread baseball cap was initially perceived to be a quick and simple shape to make in cookies but it turned out to be way more difficult than I thought. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun making something that shows my likes and personality.